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The Official Sticky Likes Blog

Sticky Likes is a new American platform brand community and tech startup designed to incorporate the top social media networks.  We are preparing for an early January launch, just in time for 2020, the decade of "Brand Communities."

So what do we do at Sticky Likes? 

We help boost your exposure and visibility by facilitating daily social media engagement! This is the type of engagement that is necessary to leverage the social media algorithms in your favor. This engagement will help your posts reach users you wouldn't normally reach.

As a result of this activity, your exposure will continue to grow and the algorithm will highlight your profile and posts to the billions of people on social media who are currently outside of your network.

Sticky Likes offers a monthly interactive engagement service that helps to boost social media profiles by putting you in front of a growing Brand Community comprised of forward thinkers like you. Welcome to the Sticky Likes Brand Community. 

Whether you need likes, views, subscribers, shares, retweets, comments we have you covered. This is 100% Genuine Authentic Human Activity, No Bots, No Automation, No Scripts!

Sticky Likes

Within 24 hours of activating a subscription we share your profile to hundreds of our influencers so that you can start receiving hundreds, and even thousands of likes, guaranteed!

This is real human engagement from an audience of entrepreneurs, go-getters, and business owners from every walk of life and every corner of the globe.

 You will not find a more loyal or supportive community of like-minded professionals who are poised to become your fans, superfine, and even potential clients!

We will start delivering the Sticky Likes products and services on or Before January 4th! We know you're going to love us and we look forward to seeing you in the Sticky Network!

With only thirty minutes a day, you can increase your exposure exponentially, the more time you put in, the faster your tribe will grow.  

Stay tuned as I begin to Blog/Vlog about how we came to be, why I did this, what we've done to get here, and where we are going from 2020 straight through the next decade to 2030~

Kinda like a reality saga!

Social Network Engagement Meets Brand Communities!

Have a look around Here:~)

Check out our very generous rewards plan!  Get a referral Link, Start building a network if you are a marketer. 

Thank you for visiting, 
Rocco DiBenedetto 
Founder Sticky Likes LLC 

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