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A Little Ditty about Sticky Likes

Sticky likes is a tech start-up company that helps users boost their social media reach based in Wilmington, Delaware. We deliver genuine human interactive “engagement” to help users expand their branding and marketing reach. Think of us as a mastermind group that collectively supports each other by engaging with each other's social media content—no bots, no scripts, no bull. Our members are getting results every single day while increasing their exposure and connecting to new people and forging new relationships that are real and human. 

Loyalty Rewards for Users

We know you'll love our product, all of our users do so we offer a loyalty rewards program. Refer Only 3 people who buy a Sticky Likes Plan and we waive your Plans fee the next month and every month they remain active. 

The Business Opportunity for Marketers

In lieu of expensive advertising to grow our company we offer professional Affiliate Marketers a terrific business opportunity that’s unlike any other. We’re most confident that we’ll stand the test of time in the multi-level marketing (MLM) space by offering a top-quality service and culture of respect and camaraderie.

We worked with the industry’s best consultants, tech teams, merchant processors, and legal counsel to ensure a compliant, effective, and lucrative compensation plan. Unlike traditional business opportunities in which only affiliates buy overpriced products to meet volume requirements, we believe if you offer a great product people will buy it because they want/need to.

No Monthly Autoships

Best of all there are no monthly auto ships, Affiliates are not required to purchase any products to earn money with Sticky Likes, however we really recommend you use the product because it it so effective at growing your reach. We've made it easy, you can buy as many plans as you like when you want for however many months you want, 1, 2, 6, or 12, 13, totally up to you.  

With the ever-growing gig economy and the countless ways to earn an income from home helping people build their brand and grow their brand awareness is an agency business onto its own. This is why Sticky Likes engagement services work and provide results that surpass our users’ expectations. 

The connection and engagement with members from our network is far more valuable than any bot or script. Sticky Likes is for all intents and purposes a “relationship development business”. The daily interactions whether in the form of likes, comments, shares, or followers show the algorithm gods that your profile is valuable so it’s then shown to even more Instagram users This is what provides results that lead to getting fans, super fans, gigs, paid partnerships, more sales, and quite frankly genius branding.

The compensation structure

Business builders and affiliates are able to earn a great income with our 7 generation uni-level 5 structure that has a 4 generation deep matching bonus along with 4 leadership infinity bonuses. Affiliates are also able to earn commissions by performing social media tasks for the people who purchase the Premium 100% done-for-you plans. 

See the plan here:~)

Social media is the world’s marketplace where brand communities like Sticky Likes serve as the catalyst for emerging brands, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and anything else imaginable in 2020 and beyond. 

Our engagement products complement ANY business, product, or event. We fervently believe that success lies in helping as many people as possible get as far as possible and that’s exactly what Sticky Likes offers—a way for ANYONE to get ahead regardless of their business. 

We know that every keystroke on social media helps shape the world and we encourage our community to forge those strokes with a spirit of service, respect, and kindness for their fellow man. 

Our commitment to excellence

We will continue to identify and add key talent to our staff to continue improving our team’s collective output so that Sticky Likes will continue to meet and exceed its user expectations.

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